Community Car


Use The Key Fob

Key Fob
  1. Fob in — When you arrive at the car, hold your key fob for 3 seconds over the rectangular sensor that is attached inside the windshield. This action will automatically unlock the car and enable the ignition, assuming you have a reservation on that vehicle at that time.
  2. Find the vehicle key inside the car — The vehicle key is on a cable, permanently attached underneath the steering column.
  3. Drive — Your mileage and driving times are automatically recorded for you.
  4. Fob out — Every time you exit the car, whether at the end of your reservation or while you're running errands, always fob out. To fob out, exit the car and hold your key fob over the rectangular sensor. This action will lock the doors and disable the ignition.

If the car will not unlock—you haven't made a reservation on it, or you've shown up more than fifteen minutes early. Call the Reservation & Emergency Line at 1.866.305.1122 to schedule a reservation on that or another car.