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"We joined Community Car then sold our van and second car.  With the money we are saving, we're planning a family bike trip across Ireland next summer." 

- Bruce Chevis


How will you own less and live more?

  • You carpool, bus, bike or walk to work but occasionally want a car to get to a meeting or doctor's appointment.
  • You want a car for going to the grocery store or visiting friends in outlying communities.
  • You have a growing family and need a second car occasionallySave significant cash and use Community Car as a second vehicle.
  • You occasionally want a pick-up truck for composting or hauling materials from Habitat ReStore.
  • You want to drive a hybrid at a fraction of the cost of owning one.
  • You want to meet Madisonians with similar interests and be part of a fun, carsharing Community!



the real cost of car ownership . . .

cost community car own car

operating costs

(gas, maintenance, tires)

included! $0.196/mile**

ownership costs

(full coverage insurance, license, registration, taxes, depreciation (15,000 miles annually), finance charge)

included! $6,000/year**
yearly total $1,020 $8,946**

*based on average national carshare usage

**based on AAA's 2012 average cost of car ownership

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