With lots of available makeup products in the market today, it’s quite difficult to simmer it down to what are the most important things that we should keep as an essential. Luckily, lots of products today do not just serve one purpose because most of them are well made out of different beneficial ingredients. We all get busy, and at times, we don’t get to take a moment to prepare ourselves and get everything that we need in just one go. If you’re exactly that kind of person, I mean we all are at some point, then this list is perfect for you. Take a look at the top 5 makeup products that you should have and keep in your bag at all times.

bb creams have dual purposeCream

We all have preferences. So, whether it’s a CC cream, a BB cream, a foundation cream, or even a concealer cream; as long as it provides you what you need. Let’s get to each of these creams one by one. First up, we have the recently famous BB cream. BB stands for “blemish balm” as it takes care of any blemishes that you have on your face. BB creams were made to provide you the coverage, the moisture, and the protection at the same time. Next is what comes next to this, the CC cream. This product stands for “color-correct” which is made to provide more coverage and sun protection. As an essential skin care product line, it also offers excellent cosmetic effects such as brightening a dull and uneven skin.

A foundation cream, on the other hand, is such a timeless product. Before both of BB and CC cream, foundation makeup has come in many forms and has been mixed with different ingredients. It could give you equal or better benefits depending on what particular item you choose. Then lastly, we have the concealer which is purposely meant for full and perfect coverage. From the word “conceal” itself, this product will cover up anything and everything to give you a flawless complexion. Unlike the foundation, concealers are heavier in pigmentation and at times, thicker. It is now up to you to choose which type of cream is the perfect fit for your skin and your needs.

lip tint completes the overall lookTint

Who would ever want just to look perfect and even skinned but completely pale? I’m sure that not one of us would want that and so, this is where our lovely tints would come in handy. Recently, lip and cheek tints are becoming more popular because these portray as a perfect duo.

You also get to choose what form of tone you would prefer because they are available in gel, liquid, oil, cream, and even sticks. Picking out the right shade is also important because doing so wrongfully would make the item useless. You should never use something that is unflattering or something that does not compliment you and your whole look.


Whether it’s a brow or an eye liner, or maybe both, it would be a perfect addition to your bag must haves. A liner is often used to define features in your face. For example, an eyeliner will define your eyes and give it an emphasis. It will help you look awake because your eyes will appear prominent and brighter. Then an eye brow liner will perfectly complete your look at it fills your brows. This is the frame of your face, and it is important that you keep it in good shape.

Some products even double as a lip liner on the other tip of the pencil. If you are definitely on the go for that, it would great too.
When it comes to the basic needs that you can already live on, especially if you don’t have much time, these three are the things that you must have and keep in your bag always wherever you go so you can be ready all the time.