Bees are one of the most irritating things in the world. Aside from being gross, they will sting you mercilessly, and their colonies can be hard to remove from a vehicle, often requiring professional assistance to fully eliminate, which costs time and money. Bee stings can even be life threatening for people who are allergic, so you certainly don’t want a bee infestation in your car to lead to someone’s untimely death. Basically, having a bee infestation in your car makes it just about impossible to drive until you get the colony removed, Delsea Pest Control of New Jersey warned that driving with bees in the car is highly dangerous as a result of distraction from the stinging and buzzing that will always be going on. Many people will just give up on a car that gets a bee infestation. Also, there can be mechanical and electronic damage to the car depending on where the bees set up their hive, which can cause even more expensive repairs to be necessary. A bee infestation also generally makes it impossible to sell your car without getting the hive removed, which is another hassle.

So, in order to not have to deal with these problems, you should always take steps to ensure that bee infestations do not happen in your car in the first place. Most people are not in very likely situations to get a bee infestation because they use their car regularly, but people who have multiple cars or who leave a car at a vacation home for several months may be at risk of bees building up a hive in a car while it is not being used. Another cause of bee infestations is living in an area where certain types of bees that are very aggressive in where they put their colony are common – bee infestations can be much more common in these areas.

So if you fall under one of those categories, or if you are allergic to bees or if one of your kids is allergic to bees and you do not want to take any chances of ending up with a bee infestation, there are some steps you can take to try to make sure that a horrible infestation does not happen to you. The most important thing is to not keep anything in your car that attracts bees. This includes pretty much all kinds of foods, not just fruits and flowers and sugary drinks – there are even some bees that eat meat. If you make sure not to leave any kind of food in your car, you probably will be safe from a bee infestation. Bananas are especially attractive to bees, so you should make a special point of never leaving bananas in your car. You should also promptly clean up any spills of drinks containing sugar, which includes sodas and fruit juices, as the sugars will be left behind when the drink dries up, and they will still be very attractive to bees.