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How to Effectively Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Many people struggle with the fact that once they start gaining weight, the fat goes to all the wrong places. These being the belly, underarms, inner thighs and at times on the face. Such circumstances lead to lower self-esteem and leave people in a very depressing relationship with their bodies.

Being able to lose the weight is possible for everyone who is willing to put in the work, however, keeping it off is the most challenging part. All these require discipline and commitment on your part. You have to have a strong ‘why’. What will keep you going even during those times that you just want to give up? Having this will keep you on top of your game and motivate you to push harder.

What to do to lose weight

  1. Cut out sugar and carbs

Cutting the sugarSugar is a more refined carbohydrate that causes great harm to our bodies. It has been linked with weight gain and obesity. The worst part about it is that most people take sugar to satisfy their cravings but what they don’t know is that the sugar makes them want more. Your pancreas releases insulin which is meant to absorb the sugar in your bloodstream and leave you craving more sugar.

For you to be successful in your weight loss journey you have to completely give up on the sugar which also means not indulging in some of the carbohydrates which contain sugar.

  1. Healthy eating

Since you are cutting back on the carbs you still need to eat well to give your body the strength and boost it needs. Having proteins, fats, and low carb vegetables is the best thing to do. Proteins have been associated with reducing the desire to keep eating by a very big margin. Do not shy away from eating healthy fat it will be a good boost to keep you going on the low carb diet.

The best thing to do to make sure you stick to this lifestyle is by meal prepping. Take your time and plan out all your meals. Remember to eat 2-3 meals each day and snack in between if needed. However, even as you snack you should always remember to go for the healthy option to avoid taking your progress backward.

You should also keep in mind that you need to get your custom made vitamins to compensate on any vitamins you might be missing. Despite the fact that most vegetables have vitamins, it is always better to keep up with your vitamins to avoid any lack thereof.

Make sure to do a purge and get rid of everything that is unhealthy in your pantry. Out of sight is out of mind so be sure to take your time and go through everything. Always remember to keep your temptations away from you to make all your sacrifices worthy and your results as satisfying as they should be.

  1. Exercise

Taking your time every day or at least 4 days a week to get up and get your body moving is a commitment you have to make. Despite the fact that you can as well lose the weight by sticking to a low carb diet you will still need some exercises. You could try lifting some weights or do some cardio exercises that will help boost your metabolism and keep you active. There is no point in putting in this much effort to losing weight only to become sluggish and slow.

Exercise is key to weight lossExercises will help you further tone your body and will always give you that dopamine boost to get you more productive. This is a new habit you will be building and will be able to cultivate it and stick to it. If you stick to your workout schedule you will be in a position to lose the fat and keep it off while sculpting your body as desired. As you work out, you should also remember to factor in your pre and post workout meals. These are very important because you need to be as strong as possible to get through your session for maximum results.

  1. Quit the bad habits

There are those habits that you have to give up ensuring you continue on the right path. Smoking and drinking to the point where you cannot even stand up are the habits you really need to kick out. These things will deter your progress and impair your judgment. You will find yourself making up excuses for not giving it your best and eventually fail on your goal. Replace these habits with something better and different that keeps you engaged and motivated to go on.

How to keep the weight off

Now that you have accomplished your weight loss goal, you don’t just leave all you have been doing and go back to your old lifestyle. If you decide to do this then your weight will be back with a bang. Having lost the weight, you have developed a routine and you have to stick to it. Keep on exercising and eating healthy and all will be well. You will be in a position to maintain your weight and build in all the right places.

Losing weight is something that anyone can achieve as long as you set your mind to it. Whether you have been struggling with weight for a while or not, by following the right steps you will get to where you wish to be. In this journey, you should always remember to keep yourself motivated and have somewhere to draw strength from when things get tough. It will not be easy but for what you are working toward it will all be worth it.

Get yourself a playlist of your favorite jams to groove on and get into the gym. Workout to those songs and after each workout treat yourself to something healthy. By doing this, you send signals to your brain that there is always a reward after completing that particular activity and you will be more drawn to doing it.